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7 June 2019


The process for the forthcoming Quadrennial Elections for the Council of the Football Association of Wales for the period 01/08/2019 to 31/07/2023 is underway.

Download Role Specification

A brief outline of the ‘role specification’ for a Council member can be downloaded at the bottom of this page along with a list of Qualifying Clubs.

Role Specification for A Council Member - Quadrennial 2019.pdf

The FAW Council members are representatives of FAW Member Clubs, Leagues and Area Associations, who help tailor the future of the sport and ensure all efforts to develop the game in Wales, from grassroots to the elite level, is continued. 

­­­­Qualifying clubs have one week to return nomination forms to the FAW. For those interested in applying to be a FAW Council member:

  • Interested candidates will need to be nominated by one of the Member Clubs, Leagues or Area Associations.
  • Details of all eligible Member Clubs are detailed in the ‘Qualifying Clubs’ pdf which can be downloaded below.
  • All nominated/eligible candidates will be included on the Ballot Paper.
  • Nominated/eligible candidates will need to canvass those Member Clubs, within the respective areas, to gain their support and vote.
  • Those nominated/eligible candidates receiving the most votes from the Member Clubs will be elected to the FAW Council.

Each Nomination Form must be signed by the Recognised Signatories of the Qualifying Club in accordance with FAW Rule 15.1 (i.e the Secretary (or equivalent) AND the Chairman (or equivalent)).

The Nomination Form must be returned to the FAW no later than Friday 14th June 2019.

The election of a new Council of the Football Association of Wales for the Quadrennial Period, 01/08/2019 - 31/07/2023 will take place according to the following timetable and in accordance with the Rules of the Association detailed above:

  • Nomination Forms to be returned on or before: 14 June 2019
  • FAW Councillors seeking re-election to notify the Chief Executive in writing on or before: 14 June 2019           
  • Candidates nominated by a Qualifying Club must express their willingness to stand in writing beforehand to the Chief Executive on or before: 14 June 2019
  • Candidates will be required to sign a ‘DBS’, ‘Self Declaration’ form, ‘Confidentiality Letter’ and a ‘Declaration of Interest’ form. The completed documents to be returned to the FAW on or before: 21 June 2019                      
  • Ballot Papers to be issued: 28 June 2019
  • Completed Ballot Papers to be returned to the FAW on or before: 25 July 2019
  • Counting of Votes to take place: 29 July 2019       
  • Nominations for the 6 Area Associations’ representatives to be received by the FAW no later than: 1 August 2019

Please note, a nomination form and voting paper shall only be issued to those Qualifying Clubs that paid their membership fee on or before 1 August 2018 and the failure of clubs or candidates to adhere to the above deadlines will render the nomination form or ballot paper invalid.

Download the Role Specification by clicking here.

For a list of Qualifying Clubs please click here.