Pyrotechnic warning for fans attending Welsh football matches
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13 May 2022

Pyrotechnic warning for fans attending Welsh football matches

The Football Association of Wales has received notification of a fine from FIFA relating to the inappropriate behaviour of its supporters using pyrotechnics during Cymru’s World Cup Play-Off Semi-Final against Austria on 24 March. 

The FAW accepts the decision of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee and issues this strong reminder to fans attending matches at all levels of the game that pyrotechnics present dangers to spectators, players and officials.  

There is no safe use of pyrotechnics in spectator areas at football events with their use having many health risks such as limb or digit removal due to their explosive power. They can also cause loss of sight and have possible carcinogenic effects. 

Being in possession of a pyrotechnic device at a football match or attempting to bring such a device into a football stadium, is a criminal offence under the Sporting Events (Control of Alcohol etc.) Act 1985. Any person committing such an offence faces arrest and can expect the Court to make a Football Banning Order. 

The FAW will work closely with Cardiff City Stadium ahead of the June international matches to prevent the use of pyrotechnics and will report any individuals to the relevant authorities if found in possession or uses such a device.  

The FAW will also aim to identify those individuals using devices in domestic football settings too and report them to the relevant authorities.