A Modern View for Tier 2
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27 November 2018

A Modern View for Tier 2

The JD Welsh Premier League has set the domestic standard on and off the field in recent years and now a restructure of Tier 2 in the pyramid system will be applied from the 2019/2020 season to mirror the success of the National League.

FAW Modernisation Programme

Download the FAW Modernisation Programme document for more information on the governance and domestic changes to football in Wales. 



From next season, the Football Association of Wales will own and administer what are currently being called the ‘Northern Championship’ and ‘Southern Championship’, ensuring consistency in marketing, promotion, administration and coverage in conjunction with the JD Welsh Premier League. Each feeder league will consist of 16 clubs.

The recent introduction of the National Ground Criteria for Tier 2 clubs has already helped to raise standards off the field and has put clubs in a stronger position to achieve promotion to the JD Welsh Premier League by bridging the gap to attaining the prerequisite Tier 1 Domestic Licence. But the progress doesn’t end there, and for the 2020/2021 season, Tier 3 will also fall under the jurisdiction of the FAW, with licensing criteria to be introduced across the four regional divisions.

The changes to the pyramid structure of the domestic game also coincide with the streamlining and modernisation of the governance structure of the FAW. Meanwhile, a new integrated Football Management System will be implemented over the course of the next two seasons and will significantly reduce the administrative burden for every club and individual involved from the national team to grassroots level. These are exciting developments that will shape a new era for the game in Wales.

To read more about the modernisation of the FAW which includes the introduction of COMET — the new Football Management System, the FAW Pyramid Review and the significant governance changes, download the ‘FAW Modernisation Programme’ PDF.