A message from the CEO of the FAW
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12 June 2020

A message from the CEO of the FAW

A message from the Football Association of Wales CEO, Jonathan Ford: “Recent events in the United States of America and across the World have rightly brought to the forefront the systemic racism within our society and the need for the Black Lives Matter human rights movement.

As our vision and strategic plan for Welsh football notes, football is so much more than a game in Wales, it is a way of life and an important element of Welsh culture. We know that football unites clubs and countries as equals on the field of play; a game that has the power to transcend borders nationalities and race.

Football also has a unique power to connect people in a positive way and to help change lives for the better. With that, we acknowledge that the FAW has a responsibility to continue to tackle racism and discrimination in the game, as well as using our platform to challenge racism in society.

As you may have seen across our National Team and National Leagues social channels, we have reiterated the message, “Mae Bywydau Duon o Bwys. We can all do better. We must all do better.” And at the FAW, we acknowledge that there is so much more we can, and must, do as an association to achieve this goal.

To enhance our efforts, we are delighted to welcome Jason Webber to the FAW as our recently appointed Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Integrity Manager. Many at the FAW and I, have had the pleasure of working with Jason for several years through our partnership with Show Racism the Red Card Cymru, where Jason was a campaign coordinator for the anti-racism educational charity. This appointment will help us to ensure that equality, diversity and inclusion are mainstream within all our activities and that they will remain central to our philosophy and work going forward.

On his appointment to Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Integrity Manager at the Football Association of Wales, Jason Webber added: “Recent events have once again highlighted the struggle that black and minority ethnic communities continue to experience in their daily lives, along with the oppressive and systemic racism that still exists in our society." 

While there has been some progress made in football, there is more that must be done. We are committed to tackling inequity at all levels of the game and pledge to step up our efforts by developing a new Equality, Diversity and Inclusion plan for Wales. We believe education is vital and will be developing a range of educational seminars and resources for the football family.

We are dedicated to increasing the representation and inclusion of ethnic minorities at all levels of the game and throughout the FAW.

Challenging racism in football and society is all our responsibility and we need everyone’s support throughout the football family in Wales. Together, we can all make a difference!” 

FC Cymru -  Show Racism the Red Card
FC Cymru - Show Racism the Red Card