Gôl Cymru continue with their charity work
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16 November 2021

Gôl Cymru continue with their charity work

With fans being able to return to stadiums here in Wales and abroad, the supporters’ charity Gôl Cymru, have been making the most of it with their fundraising efforts for children’s causes. 

Ahead of tonight’s (16 November) match against Belgium at Cardiff City Stadium, the final qualification match for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Gôl Cymru visited Bundles, a Newport-based organisation that helps families in need.  

Bundles distribute baby clothes and equipment to women and families in need covering the period from maternity through 3 years old. They also provide support to those facing difficult situations and who may be in crisis through referrals. 

The Cymru fans donated sterilisers, baby monitors, blankets and baby towels to help families who, like every one of us, want the best for their newborn children. Gôl Cymru also raised funds to buy bottles, nappies and wipes as well as supporting a friendship support scheme, the Bundle Buddies, which offers a friendly face to families at such a critical time of life. 

Sally-Anne Evans from Bundles really appreciated the support and Commented: “We are very grateful to Gôl Cymru and all the Wales supporters who have donated. There can be no better example of what ‘Together Stronger’ really means than the generosity of fans from all over Wales.”

When Cymru played in the Czech Republic and Estonia last month, Gôl Cymru supported Raptors FC, a community team in Prague made up of dozens of nationalities who work with different partners to combat discrimination in football. The club also helps disadvantaged children who may be suffering from malnutrition and poverty. 

Raptors FC used the donations from Gôl Cymru to a charity called Brave Bear, who her children in all kinds of terrible situations in easters Czech Republic. 

In Tallinn, Gôl Cymru met with Igale Lapsele Pere, an organisation that offers advice and support to children in an adopted, guardian or foster family who may have experienced trauma or the loss of the most important primary contact in their lives. 

Igale Lapsele Pere charity, Estonia
Igale Lapsele Pere charity, Estonia

In response to the donation provided by Gôl Cymru, Jane Snaith of Igale Lapsele Pere said: “It is wonderful to see how social responsibility in any society grows. Children left without parental care need a lot of support from their new family to be able to play even the simplest games. It is good for them to have the opportunity of having a new family to replace broken or lost families.”

Gôl Cymru was founded in 2002 by fans and offers practical support to good causes. Follow their work on Twitter - @GolCymru - and on Facebook by clicking here.