FAW Council Quadrennial Election Results
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29 July 2019

FAW Council Quadrennial Election Results

The Quadrennial election process for the FAW Council has been completed and the Qualifying Clubs votes were counted at FAW HQ this afternoon (Monday 29th July 2019).

The FAW Council Members are representatives of FAW Member Clubs, Leagues and Area Associations, who help tailor the future of the sport and ensure all efforts to develop the game in Wales, from grassroots to the elite level, is continued.

The election results are listed below, with each elected representative indicated in bold alongside the number of votes received:


  • NORTH WALES COAST SUB-AREA (2 representatives elected)

NEWPORT, Simon (10)

JAMES, David (9)

JONES, Eric Wyn (8)

JONES, Mike (3)


  • NORTH EAST WALES SUB-AREA (2 representatives elected)



Both Stuart Lawrence and Chas Rowland were automatically appointed to the Council without the need for an election.


  • CENTRAL WALES SUB-AREA (2 representatives elected)

WILLIAMS, William Lloyd (23)

EVANS, Graham (22)

GRIFFITHS, Gareth (9)


  • SOUTH WALES AREA (6 representatives elected)

DYMOCK, Neil (41)

JAMES, Lee (38)

PRICE, Martin (36)

HARRIS, John (35)

EDWARDS, Viv (30)

COLE, David (26)

DAVIES, Jeff (24)

MUGFORD, Rhodri (16)

FOXALL, Gavin (12)


  • LEAGUE OF WALES (1 representative elected)


Ian Williams was automatically appointed to the Council without the need for an election.



The Welsh Premier Women’s League votes were drawn and as a result the election process will be rerun details of which will be communicated in due course.