Earth Day 2022 – FAW Sustainability Strategy Development
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22 April 2022

Earth Day 2022 – FAW Sustainability Strategy Development

Earlier this year, the Football Association of Wales delivered the first ‘Welsh Football Coalition’. This online forum welcomes members from across football, sport and Government in Wales, Europe and across the globe to engage and discuss different topics that not only affect the beautiful game, but that of wider society.

The latest edition of the ‘Welsh Football Coalition’ focused on the topic of Sustainability, in support of the FAW developing its own Sustainability strategy.

The development of a ‘Sustainable Association for the Future’ is one of the six strategic pillars listed in the FAW’s ambitious strategic plan, Our.Cymru. As part of this work programme, the FAW has committed to two key goals:

• Becoming a progressive organisation advocating on global and local issues that impact the game and its communities through the development and delivery of a Sustainability strategy.

• Committing to a better tomorrow by better understanding the organisation’s environmental impact and taking steps to minimise the overall footprint of the game.

Today (Friday 22nd April) marks Earth Day, which this year asks for everyone to “Invest in Our Planet” with the aim of promoting a more Sustainable future and now you can learn more and listen to how the FAW hopes to achieve a Sustainable future for football here.

To aid the insight available and progress toward the FAW Sustainability Strategy, during the online forum the FAW were joined by Future Generations Commissioner for Wales Sophie Howe and UEFA Football Social Responsibility Senior Expert Filippo Veglio, who shared presentations on the ‘Wellbeing of Future Generations Act’ and UEFA’s recently launched Sustainability strategy titled ‘Strength through Unity’ respectively.

FAW’s Independent Board Member Dr Carol Bell said, “Sustainability is often associated with protecting the environment but, for us, this is just one aspect of creating a Sustainable association. As custodians of the beautiful game here in Wales, given the degree of change and challenge in the world around us, we are concentrating on the urgent need to nurture, protect and develop football for future generations.

“Within Wales, we are aligning with the Welsh Government Programme for Government and according with their priorities and those of Sport Wales. The Wellbeing of Future Generations Act is a tremendous asset for Wales and for the FAW in guiding us to take a longer-term view and make a valuable contribution to delivering a healthier, more environmentally friendly and prosperous Wales with the Welsh language and culture at its core.

“To achieve this, we will need to bear in mind the UN Strategic Development Goals and engage continuously and interactively with UEFA’s Football Sustainability Strategy 2030.

“We do believe that making good decisions about decarbonizing our activities is also key to delivering a financially Sustainable association for the future. Young people are right to expect better in this area and we must show leadership both locally and globally.