Cymru squads confirmed for WU17 & WU19 training camps ahead of UEFA Euro qualifying campaigns
5 August 2022

Cymru squads confirmed for WU17 & WU19 training camps ahead of UEFA Euro qualifying campaigns

The WU19 & WU17 teams look to prepare for the start of the Euro qualifying campaigns later this year with training camps at Colliers Park, Wrexham.

Preparation for the #WU19EURO qualifying campaign for Nicola Anderson’s Cymru will begin in August. The WU19 camp takes place from Tuesday 9 to Thursday 11.

For the #WU19EURO qualifying campaign Cymru are in League A with Italy, Hungary and Serbia.

Loren Dykes’ WU17 squad will then meet up later that month (Tuesday 16 - Thursday 18 August). The WU17 camp is preparation for the #WU17EURO qualifying campaign.

Cymru WU17 are in League B alongside Montenegro and Israel.

Cymru WU19: Elen VALENTINE (Aberystwyth Town), Emily ROBERTS (FAW Performance Squad), Bethan MCGOWAN (Birmingham City), Scarlett WILLIAMS (Watford - on loan from Tottenham Hotspur), Ella HILLIARD (Derby County), Phoebie POOLE (Cardiff City Women), Hollie SMITH (Cardiff City Women), Zoe SMITH (Unattached), Amy HARE (Wolverhampton Wanderers), Jessie TAYLOR (Manchester City), Megan CURRAN (Brighton & Hove Albion), Taylor REYNOLDS (Birmingham City), Ella HUMPHREYS (Brighton & Hove Albion), Lauren PURCHASE (Aston Villa), Tianna TEISAR (Bristol City), Faye KNOX (Liverpool), Tegan MCGOWEN (Charlton Athletic), Sophie PHILLIPS (Birmingham City), Emily FLETCHER (Aston Villa), Maisie MILLER (Brighton & Hove Albion), Claudia JONES (Liverpool), Manon PEARCE (Barry Town United), Elin JONES (Aberystwyth Town), Olivia OWEN (West Bromwich Albion), Lily BILLINGHAM (Cardiff City Women), Jessica COLLYER (West Ham United)

Cymru WU17: Cerys PHILLIPS (Chelsea), Ameliah YARWOOD (Bristol City), Evie HUGHES (Cardiff City Women), Izzy CAUNT (FAW Girls Academy South), Mayzee DAVIES (Manchester City), Emily LOUDON (FAW Girls Academy North), Casi EVANS (FAW Girls Academy North), Grace PURNELL (Bristol City), Amy RICHARDSON (Everton), Callie JONES (Bristol City), Annie SMALL (FAW Girls Academy North), Elena COLE (FAW Girls Academy South), Ruby DAY (Bristol City), Sophie RAWLING (FAW Girls Academy North), Evie WILLIAMS (Blackburn Rovers), Ania DENHAM (FAW Girls Academy North), Chloe MCMAHON (Bristol City), Mared GRIFFITHS (FAW Girls Academy North), Lauren DAVIES (FAW Girls Academy South), Ffion Bowen (FAW Girls Academy South), Olivia FRANCIS (Pontypridd United), Casi GREGSON (FAW Girls Academy South), Charlotte SALISBURY-WILLIAMS (Wolverhampton Wanderers)