Cymru squad take up Welsh lessons
4 October 2019

Cymru squad take up Welsh lessons

Jayne Ludlow’s Cymru have taken to learning Welsh as part of a team bonding exercise during their UEFA Women’s EURO 2021 qualifying campaign.

Belarus v Cymru

UEFA Women's EURO 2021 Qualifying Round

  • 17:00 Tuesday 8 October
  • Borisov Arena, Barysaw

Eleven players from the squad to take on Belarus as well as six staff members, including manager Ludlow, have taken on the challenge. During the year they will be using smartphone apps and the support of Welsh speaking players and staff, including Natasha Harding and Angharad James, to develop their skills.

The team would like to encourage fans to interact with players in Welsh on social media to help improve their skills. The idea came from the players themselves, after learner Kayleigh Green and Natasha Harding started sending voice notes to learn words.

It started with me sending a voice note to Kayleigh and she tried to respond with basic words. It snowballed from there, we spoke with the players and they wanted to get involved. Hopefully by the end of the campaign some of them will be able to do an interview in Welsh!

– Natasha Harding

Talking about the challenge, Kayleigh Green says it’s important to recognize the importance of the Welsh language. “It’s such an important part of Wales and its culture and it’s great to see all the players have come on board. We’ve started with the basics this week but it’s been fun so far. We’re all saying ‘bore da’ and ‘te gyda llaeth am brecwast’ in the mornings but hopefully with the help of the fans on social media we can help develop our skills and have even more conversations through Welsh.”

Don’t forget to wish the players pob lwc ahead of Tuesday’s game against Belarus on the @Cymru twitter page!

Carfan Cymru yn dysgu Cymraeg | Wales squad learn Welsh
Carfan Cymru yn dysgu Cymraeg | Wales squad learn Welsh