FA Wales Integrity

At the commencement of the 2013/2014 season, the FAW underwent a thorough, independent risk assessment which was carried out by integrity experts. The findings showed that domestic football in Wales was at significant risk of being targeted by match-fixers and other related criminal organisations.

In addition, the findings showed that in excess of £575,000 is bet on the Welsh Premier League, per match, per weekend through regulated betting operators alone. Since acquiring this knowledge, the FAW has adopted a pro-active stance in order to combat this threat.

Firstly, the FAW revised its rules and regulations in relation to Betting and Integrity in August 2014. In addition, every registered player in Wales were informed of these revisions via an information sheet attached to all Player Registration Forms.

The FAW have also committed to an ambitious education programme covering all players at Tier 1 and 2 of the Welsh football Pyramid, elite referees and FAW staff. This programme is delivered in partnership with Sportradar - the FAW’s integrity partners. Sportradar are market-leaders in the areas of monitoring, prevention and education in the fight against match-fixing and work with a number of Governing Bodies including UEFA.

Learn more about Sportradar here. 

As of today, educational workshops have been carried out with players from all 12 Welsh Premier League clubs (season 2014/15) and with players from the 32 clubs at Level 2 of the Welsh Football Pyramid (season 2015/16). In addition, an online tutorial has been developed and completed by all Welsh Premier League players as well as a number of Tier 2 players. Thus far, the programme has reached almost 1,000 players.


You are not allowed to place any bets, or accept any bets, on any game within Wales.

If your club participates in a competition outside Wales, such as the UEFA Champions League for example, you are not allowed to place any bets, or accept any bets, on your own team. Neither must you bet, or accept any bet, on any other match in that competition even if your club is eliminated.


You must not offer, or attempt to offer, any bribe or reward to anybody in order to influence the result, progress, conduct or any other aspect of any match. You must also not accept any such bribe or reward.

Whilst participating in a match, you must not fail to perform your duties or responsibilities to the best of your ability for any kind of reward.


It will be an offence for you to fail to report to the FAW  any approach from a person, organisation or third party if asked to influence the course and/or result of a match or competition in an unlawful or undue manner.

It will also be an offence for you to fail to report any information or behaviour involving any person, organisation or third party should you be aware of any activities aimed at influencing the course of a match or competition in an unlawful or undue manner.

You must never use or provide others with any information  that is obtained through connections with people involved in the game, which damages, or could damage, the integrity of a match or competition.

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The fight against match-fixing has been at the top of UEFA’s agenda for some time. Learn more about UEFA’s Integrity Programme here.


If a participant breaches the FAW Betting, Integrity & Match Fixing Rules, this can lead to a suspension, a heavy fine, a worldwide lifetime ban from football or even criminal charges being brought against them.


FAW Integrity Manager, Steven Jones.
Tel: 02920 435859 / 07769 356493